Wednesday 29 July, 2015

Welcome to ProvenPart

With a slow economy and rising prices maintaining your equipment is becoming a costly business. Regular oil changes and replacement of both oil filters and Air filters extends the life of your equipment, it also keeps your equipment running at peak performance, and eliminates irritating and costly breakdowns.

Proven Part offers you the opportunity of purchasing parts to service and maintain your small engine products at prices far below the normal prices. Some of the parts we offer are only obtainable through the OEM retail outlets at extremely high prices.We purchase large quantities of aftermarket parts for Honda GX160, Honda GX200, Honda GX240, Honda GX270, Honda GX340 and Honda GX390 parts.

Proven Part is the Manufacturer and supplies directly to you the customer. If you have a part number simply punch it in the space on our search feature and it will take you to the part. You can also search by name brand or manufacturer. We carry air filters, oil filters and many hard to find parts for the Honda GX line of engines. You will find mufflers, carburetors, recoils, pistons, fuel tanks and many other parts for your Honda GX engine.

Service is our goal without you as a customer we will not be in business. To assist us in improving and maintaining our service please leave us your comments.