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Replacement Belts

Provenpart carries a large variety of different size belts. Most are deck belts, but if the part number and size match your drive belt, they will also work as a drive belt. Mower belts are categorized mainly into two sizes. The A belts are 1/2" wide and the B belts are 5/8" wide. They are marked on the belt by the inside diameter. The inside diameter will need to add 2" for an A belt to get the outside diameter, and 3" added to get the outside diameter of B belt. So for example, a belt that is stamped A93 would be 1/2" x 93" inside diameter and 95" outside diameter, since it is an A belt, we add 2" to the inside diameter to get the outside diameter. A belt that is stamped B71 would be 5/8" x 71" inside diameter and 5/8" x 74" would be the outside diameter. If you can find your belts part number, this will not matter, just search for your part number and it will bring up the correct size for you.