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Shipping & Returns


We ship Monday-Friday, if you place an order over the weekend, it will not ship until Monday. We have most items set to Free Shipping which means we will ship it the most economical way.

If you need expedited shipping please contact us through email or give us a call to pay for upgraded shipping.


If you need to do a return, we accept returns on items still in new condition. Do not return a used or damage product unless instructed to do so. The item needs to be in the same condition you received it in.

If you don't match up your part numbers and buy the wrong part, you are responsible for the return shipping. We will only pay for the return shipping on items we make a mistake on, if we send you the wrong part, we will send you a label to return the item.

Returns are charged a restock fee of 20%. If you are unsure of the part you need, send us a message or call us, we are available Monday -Friday to check parts for you. Please include your model number in order to find the correct parts for your machine.


Warranty on parts are 90 days, if you have a problem with a part, contact us, we will ask for images of the product and depending on the situation may ask for the part back for further inspection. After an inspection of the item, if we find that it is a manufacturing defect, we will exchange the part for a new item.

Information on model numbers

Lawn Mowers and engines can have a series number and a model number. The series number is normally what is displayed on the side of the mower, like LT1000, DYT4000, LT1042 these are not model numbers. These series numbers are the same as a F150 is a series number for a Ford Truck, they are made for years and years with different parts. A 1980 F150 is not going to use the same parts as a 2018 F150, Same as mowers a GTH2654 made 10 years ago is going to use different parts than a GXH2654 made last year. Sometimes you may get lucky and your items will match up, if we list a series number it is so you can research the listing and match up the parts. This series number is not a good number to use for finding parts for your mower. Your mower will have a model number or a product id, normally this is found under the seat or on the back of the machine. It may have numbers and letters or just numbers, this number will identify the exact parts for your mower. Most of these model numbers can be searched for online and a parts breakdown will be available to check your part numbers.

All units will have a model and serial number, on some lawn mowers, the engine and the mower are two separate parts and each will have a model number. If you are looking for engine parts, you will need the engine model number, if you are looking for mower parts, you will need the mower model number.

Following these links to help find your model number



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